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Who is Plexus? Meet Our Independent Insurance Agency

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With more than 30 years in the industry, we’re well aware of the stereotypes about insurance brokerage firms. The best impression you might have is that insurance companies are simply “boring.” Or maybe you assume your insurance broker just wants to take the money and run. 

At Plexus, we provide more than what consumers and businesses have come to expect about insurance. The Plexus Groupe is a fast-growing, client-centric, privately held national insurance brokerage and risk management consulting firm with its own international network.

We are dedicated to delivering a wide range of expert independent insurance advice and superior service in the areas of property & casualty, employee benefits, retirement plans, personal lines insurance and technology services

Let us show you how The Plexus Groupe is more than just insurance.


We are independent and privately owned

Plexus stands out as an independent insurance agency with family values and personalized solutions. What does this mean for you? We have the flexibility to tailor our solutions to best fit your company’s needs. We also have the resources, expertise and experience to craft a plan that is specific to your goals and challenges. 

Today, a handful of large insurance agencies continue to acquire formerly independent agencies, forcing customers to choose between giant agencies with generic service and smaller brokers who lack the resources of the bigger firms. While it may seem smart to work with one of the larger agencies, their focus on acquisition growth and pleasing investors/shareholders results in “one-size-fits-all” policies and services that don’t actually fit your company’s unique needs. 

As the industry consolidates, Plexus remains fiercely independent and privately owned. That means we aren’t beholden to investor profit demands or quarterly earnings targets. Our focus is on providing our clients with innovative, highly tailored insurance solutions and services. 

We’re not looking to be the biggest - we’re looking to be the best.


We provide you with more than just a quote

You're probably used to meeting with an insurance broker who takes down your information and then gives you a quote for your policies. At Plexus, we do things differently, because insurance is only one part of helping manage risk and meet business goals. 

When we first start working with a potential client, we consult with you to evaluate all of the risks within your company. We spend time getting to know you and your business, including a workplace visit to get the full picture of your company. 

Next, we provide you with an audit highlighting any liabilities and weak points. Beyond just providing a quote, we create a full risk report to help you better understand how you can mitigate risk within your company. We have the resources, expertise and experience to craft a plan that is specific to your goals and challenges. 


Interested in our risk audit process? Contact us to learn more.


Plexus is more than just an insurance agent: we are your risk partner. We will continue to provide you with the support you need beyond your insurance placement.


The Plexus way

At Plexus, we’re more than just insurance. We’re a team dedicated to helping businesses grow and supporting our community. 

Interested in learning more about The Plexus Groupe? Get to know our team and our culture: