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Automatic Escalation: Increasing retirement savings in the Barrington area without a second thought

Should companies in Barrington automatically increase the individual contribution rate for 401(k) plans as a way to help employees increase their retirement savings? It’s an approach some firms are taking. And there’s research that shows employees are in favor of such a plan.

Via Pensions & Investments magazine, 86 percent of participants enrolled in a plan that automatically increased their contributions on an annual basis elected to stay in the plan, according to a Principal Financial Group study.

Other evidence suggests 401(k) participants like the idea of auto-escalation. Via the Society for Human Resource Management, more than half of 7,545 people surveyed in a three-month span in 2013 by financial services/insurance firm One America said they would be agreeable to a plan that automatically increased their contribution.

Automatic increases can help Barrington-area employees build a retirement nest egg, and for plan participants who have a hard time saving, automatically contributing before the money gets put into the budget may be a reliable course of action for many.

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