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Plexus Groupe LLC celebrates 25 years of client service

The Plexus Groupe LLC, a progressive, innovative, nationally recognized commercial insurance brokerage and consulting firm with an international reach, is celebrating 25 years of client service.
Offering expertise in property and casualty insurance, life and health insurance, employee benefits, financial services and technology services, Plexus provides attentive, tailored advisory services and state-of-the-art products and systems for its customers. The firm has offices in the Chicago area, as well as Dallas and Oklahoma City, and its network of international connections spans 130 countries around the globe.

“We go into the hard-to-reach and uncomfortable places so that we can really serve our clients with distinction, not just to take an order,” said Plexus CEO Walter R. Fawcett III. “Our job is to build and protect relationships, as they are more valuable to us than revenue.”

To that end, Plexus has recently unveiled a redesigned website, The site highlights the firm’s wide range of product and service lines in a user-friendly setting and provides timely, useful content on industry issues. The company has also launched a Twitter page (@plexusgroupe) and a Facebook page to engage and inform its audience.

To learn more about The Plexus Groupe, visit us at or contact us at 847-307-6100.


Celebrating 25 years of client service with a progressive focus, The Plexus Groupe LLC is an insurance brokerage and consulting firm offering unique, expertise and diligent, customized service in the areas of property and casualty, employee benefits, retirement plans and technology services. The firm has offices in Chicago (Deer Park), Dallas and Oklahoma City.