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Plexus Points: Insurance stories we're checking out

At The Plexus Groupe, we enjoy a good story about insurance.
And if you're like us, you enjoy reading about our fascinating, ever-changing field too.

With this in mind, here are a half-dozen interesting insurance-related stories you'll want to share, bookmark and thumb through:

-- An insurer survey of millennials found that more than one-third of respondents didn't feel knowledgeable about health insurance.

-- Before ride sharing comes to New York, the matter of how much liability insurance drivers must carry has to be resolved.

-- The Florida Supreme Court has overturned the state's 104-week limit on temporary disability payments.

-- Allegations that U.S. military members were duped into taking unnecessary drug tests that were billed back to the government's insurer has sparked a federal investigation.

-- A Cleveland Browns player has reportedly collected on a loss-of-value insurance policy.

-- Are marijuana users classified as smokers or non-smokers by life insurers? It depends, according to this report from Kaiser Health News.