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Plexus personal insurance notes: As summer wanes, weather-proofing becomes key

In our August personal insurance newsletter, we explore several topics of note for policyholders, including when it's time to add new drivers to parents' insurance policies.

After the toys of summer have gone

With summer winding down, seasonal items such as boats, personal watercraft, motorcycles, and classic cars may soon have to be stored. Some policies will include a "lay-up period" for seasonal vehicles in storage, leading to lower rates. For more information, contact Client Executive Deborah Dohn at 847.307.6177 or

Time is right for weather-proofing

Have you cleaned your gutters recently? With the weather still warm and fall approaching, it might be time for a roof cleanout. Leaves and winter weather can lead to ice-clogged gutters, and melted snow and ice with no escape path can cause leakage and water damage inside your home. While insurance will likely cover ice damming, it could lead to higher rates.

Adding new drivers to your insurance

Parents often ask, 'When do we add teenagers with learner's permits to our auto policies?' Your insurance agent can answer this question and more. Newly permitted or licensed drivers may have discounts available. For more information, contact Client Coordinator Terri Lyons at 847.307.6129 or

Let Plexus lend a hand

For more information on The Plexus Groupe's personal insurance solutions, contact us at 847-307-6100 or via the Web. We're here to help -- and we're happy to help.