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MoneyGeek Feature: The Cost of Car Insurance



 The Plexus Groupe's very own David Miller, VP, Private Client Team Leader, was featured in MoneyGeek's article, "Average Cost of Car Insurance (August 2023)," by Devon Delfino, where he discussed common factors that influence the cost of auto insurance.
"Insurance laws are determined at the state level, not the federal level, so different laws can affect how much you pay for coverage," says Miller. "Besides laws, other factors that can influence premiums from one state to another include weather patterns (think of snow storms vs. states that don't get snow), population (more cars and more people equal more claims), average driving age (Florida has more drivers over age 75 than all other states) and crime/theft rates."
Check out the full article here to read David's insights on six factors that could be making your insurance rates more expensive. 
The Plexus Groupe is an independent insurance advisory firm. As a broker, we work with insurance companies to help find the best coverage to meet our clients' needs. How much should your car insurance cost? Contact Plexus at 888.529.8834 to discuss your personal lines coverage.