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In the News: Women in Insurance & Overcoming Imposter Syndrome with Ania Caruso, Vice President of Business Development

This excerpt is from an article that originally appeared in Insurance Business America. Read the full article here.


The Plexus Groupe’s Vice President, Business Development, Ania Caruso, CPCU, strongly values supporting others through mentorship. She recently shared her thoughts with Insurance Business America on navigating the type of self-doubt commonly known as “imposter syndrome” and how to overcome it: 

“It’s not raising the hand – that’s I think where the imposter syndrome comes in. Once I raise the hand and say I’ll do it, the mind doesn’t have time to come up with excuses for me. I already raised my hand and now all I can do is prepare, prepare, practice, seek knowledge – whatever that is that I just raised my hand to. In our industry, when you think about getting from one level to the other, it’s that confidence building and the imposter syndrome is trying to tear down your confidence.”

Ania will be discussing more on this topic during a panel at the upcoming Women in Insurance Atlanta Virtual Summit on June 11. Learn more and register at