December 15, 2020

Be Prepared And Informed When Comparing Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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How do regulations and laws in your state impact your homeowners insurance?

Every state has its own rules and regulations but, every insurance company is audited by each state's department of insurance (DOI). DOI audits look for irregularities and ensure the insurance company isn't discriminating. Insurance companies cannot grant their clients "favors" or "exceptions" no matter how long that client has been with the company. This is why it is critical to thoroughly understand your policy coverages and exclusions. The Plexus Groupe is always focused on client relationships and satisfaction so our associates ensure our clients understand their policies and are aware of any exclusions. 

Environmental Factors to consider when purchasing home Insurance

Specifically in Florida, several variables of your home impact your premium and whether or not coverage is provided. 

  • How it was built
  • When it was built
  • Where it is located

Two coverages you want to consider when purchasing. 

  • Wind and Hail Coverage
  • Flood Insurance

Remember-there is only one source of coverage for the vast majority of flood insurance policies: the federal government's plan called the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). There are private insurance companies that offer flood insurance, but you typically have to buy it combined with their home insurance policy, coverage is only offered if you are in a "low risk" flood zone and some types of mortgages may require a NFIP policy specifically.

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